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Jan 30th

Remarkable Customer Service From Film to DVD Company


Clinging into your memories could well be done with you viewing your old films or videos. However, what if you no longer have the equipment to do so or your film can no longer be viewed? Not all people could easily view their old films today due to lack of proper tools and in the fact that most 8mm and Super 8 movie film is too fragile to view using a projector today. In response to this, Film to DVD now offers you the means of transferring your 8mm to DVD in Maryland. Keep your memories and recover from possible loss while it is feasible. Never worry about the service from Film to DVD Company, we have long been known for our unequaled film conversion service.

A Reputation of a High Standard Company

Film to DVD is not your typical company that promotes 8mm conversion to DVD in MD. Instead, is the best you could find having a long term great reputation in the industry since 1984. Indeed, the company has been servicing people for 30 years and counting. The company has branded itself as the number one choice if you want to meet your highest quality standards in getting your films converted.

The Services for Best Film Conversion

Film to DVD has long been successful in converting old films to digital production. It could convert your 8mm, super 8, or 16 mm to DVD and other possible digital formats that would best suit your needs. Film to DVD practices numerous methods to meet film conversion general rules. To even optimize its film processing, Film to DVD also makes use of top quality machines that make the film conversion better quality. If you are not well aware of what type of 8mm transfer in MD would best abide by your needs and wants, you can let Film to DVD do the talking and give you suggestions on highest quality film conversion.

Highest Quality Conversion You Could Find

Film to DVD makes use of the top quality and only latest machine to perform 8mm, 16mm, and super 8 to DVD conversion in Maryland. Though most competitors use a real-time or frame-by-frame machines, Film to DVD makes use of its own latest technology and highest grade equipment known as Datacine. Datacine is a film scanner having high resolution at 1556 lines or 3112 lines. In other words, you could get 2X or 4X the resolution from our film conversion compared to our competitors. The costly price of the machine does the talking, which is why only rare companies own it for good, including Film to DVD Company.

Easy to Follow Customer Service

In actuality, Film to DVD will take over all the tasks involved in order to convert your films. You just need to request for their service and you would be provided with possible options to save money yet still get your request done. You could reach the company locally or through its website, which will cater your needs, especially in terms of getting information of payments, shipping, services, and savings options.

No Outsourcing Needed for Film to DVD

With Datacine being able to convert 8mm film to DVD equipment in MD for Film to DVD, you could be rest assured that service outsourcing would not be done. In other words, all technical aspects would be handled by professionals of Film to DVD Company.