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Jan 30th

Why Trust Film to DVD for 8mm Film Conversion?


There are lots of companies that could offer you old film conversion service, but there is no assurance that all provide same quality service. There is the fact that some would just simply transfer your film using a projector or modified projector. However, the quality would be very poor. If you need a high quality conversion of movie 8mm in Illinois, you might as well consider what Film to DVD Company has to offer.

What Does Film to DVD Offer?

Film to DVD Company is one of the long standing companies that could provide you successful, 8mm, 16mm, super 8, and 35mm film processing in IL. The company has been servicing people since 1984 with its conversion services, which give people affordable means of saving those memories onto other formats like DVD, BluRay and digital files. The company has trained professionals that offer high quality processing of old films to various digital formats. It is the main goal of Film to DVD to help you replay those memories and share it with your extending family for the next generation.

Best Quality on Hand

Film to DVD Company will provide you the best quality service in transferring old 8 millimeter film in IL. The company can convert files to various digital formats aside from DVD. Film to DVD uses high quality processing techniques practiced since 1984 and machines that are compliant to the advancing technology. The quality of output provided by the company is undeniable, especially now that the company has a proven track record of A+ and its satisfaction guarantee, which has never led anyone off track in high quality film conversion.

Quick Service With Film to DVD

Film to DVD Company will not only comply with the common standards to transfer 8mm to digital in Illinois. Instead it makes use of various methods and machines to convert old films to various digital formats. Aside from the high quality guarantee, there could also be loads of films to be converted in a short period of time. It could be overwhelming to know that Film to DVD Company has been faster today without disregarding the need for high quality output.

Give Yourself Time to Get the Best Service

It is troublesome to find a company that could provide the output guaranteed to be delivered. Nonetheless, Film to DVD Company could prove that it does provide what has been promised. Basically, before processing your films, the technicians or employees of the company will coordinate with you regarding the service. Instead of just giving you highest quality service, your budget goals would also be discussed. Alternatives and suggestions would be shared throughout the coordination of the service.

Cutting Edge Technology With Film to DVD

If most companies boast about their 8mm movie film scanner in Illinois, Film to DVD could provide you an even better guarantee of high quality output—Datacine. Datacine is the best quality machine that could convert old films to digitized forms. Only rare companies own it and its costly price prove it worthy of our film conversion service.