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Jan 30th

Film to DVD Your Lasting Memories


Lasting memories could be obtained only if you would value them. Yes, you could take advantage of your projector as means of viewing your 8mm films. However, are you certain that those films would not get damaged or broken? Most old movie film should never be viewed using a projector today. It will most certainly damage them. If you don’t convert your film to another format you will loose the memories forever. To prevent this, take advantage of what we offer in terms of 8mm film conversion in Connecticut.

It Is Never Too Late for Restoring Memories

If you opt for restoring the memories with your friends or family, we will make sure that conversion of your 8mm movie to DVD in CT will be much easier from now on. Let the company restore or create a backup of your films on a DVD or another digitized format. By doing so, you would be able to transfer all your files to a better format for safekeeping, which could last for years and is resistant to quality loss. Film to DVD Company guarantees that even the current resolution of your 8mm, 16mm, or super 8 films would be retained with our HD or 2K scan.

Proven Track Record With 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The solid reputation of Film to DVD Company could be attested by its previous clients. The company has a proven A+ track record and has been offering 100% satisfaction guarantee to customers all around the world. You could check out reviews about our company’s services to believe the quality of service for yourself. Besides, our company has been around since 1984. So, rest assured that your projects film processing is being handled by the most professional staff on earth.

Highest Resolution Of Film Formats That We Deliver

We use the highest grade equipment and machines in order to transfer old films to DVD and other digitized formats like Blu-Ray, AVI, HD-AVI, ProRes, and DPX. Besides the fact that we could change 8mm film to DVD in Connecticut, we also have the capabilities of converting your 16mm and Super 8 films. We have the safest and best mail order film processing. So, send us your cherished films and the professionals of Film to DVD Company would take over processing them as fast as possible with due care and safety.

How Does Film to DVD Company Convert Old Films?

Film to DVD makes use of a highly advanced super 8 film scanner in CT, which is also known as Datacine. Datacine is known for its ultra high resolution that could be 1.5 times HD or 2K in quality resolution. The machine is very rare, especially now that its price tag reaches more than $150,000. This is also the reason why we are one of the rare companies whom own this top quality and cutting edge product. With the use of the machine, one can process old 8mm films quickly with accurately.

Connect With Film to DVD Company

Film to DVD Company is available to serve film processing services in CT. On the other hand, if you want to reach us via our online contact form you can with any specific questions. We have the best customer service too! After you have requested to convert your film to DVD, our film scanners in Connecticut will do the conversion right away.