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Jan 30th

Our Super 8 Film To DVD Services

Being one of the most used film formats, Super 8 film is the proclaimed alternative to 8mm film. As similar as both film types may be, there are still certain key points that differentiate one from the other. Reason Super 8 film to DVD transfers are one of the most popular film conversions, is because Super 8 film was introduced more than three decades after regular 8mm film was introduced. Of course, Super 8 film quickly became the preferred choice of film since it provided sound capture along with better image quality.

The lifespan of Super 8 film was quickly cut short due to the introduction of VHS cassettes. It is evident that thousands of people still have many movie reels of Super 8 film that need to be restored and transferred to DVD all around the world. With this being known, Film To DVD Company brings to you the finest Super 8 film processing services. Professional customer care with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every project that we work on.

Expert Handling By Our Video Conversion Staff

Before we convert super 8mm to DVD, we inspect the film for scratches, cuts, lines, and other defects. We are able to restore and revive your precious moments; even if your old film has been through very rough conditions. But with the life expectancy of film being only 50-70 years, convert super 8 to DVD now before it’s too late. Converting home movies to DVD is the perfect solution to saving your memories to pass from generation to generation.

Most people have specific questions before converting Super 8 to DVD which is totally normal. We are always here for you if you have any questions or concerns. Every Super 8 transfer to DVD we do for a customer is professionally handled under the wings of film transfer expert, Brad Hinkle. So, before your film gets too old, convert super 8 to digital with Film To DVD Company today!


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