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May 30th

Understanding What Film to DVD Can Do for You

Are you tired of setting up projectors and frame viewers in your home? Do you think it is now time to dispose your old 8mm or 16 mm film in Pennsylvania? If so, you should think twice, especially now that you could convert your films easily and quickly with Film to DVD. Film to DVD will make sure that bringing back your memories in their standard quality would be done as necessary. No worries no more for transferring 8mm film in PA is made easier by Film to DVD using advanced technology.

What Is 8mm Film in PA?

8mm film is the type of film having a width of 8mm. It is a film reel used before in order to capture moments in forms of images or videos. 8mm came into existence around 1930 and was used until 1980. It was the first filmstrip used in history for saving family memories. Never before were families able to save their most precious memories and play them back!

What Can Film to DVD Offer?

Now that you understand that you own 8mm films, which could be digitized today, you might as well acquaint yourself with what Film to DVD can do for you. The primary purpose of Film to DVD Company is to transfer your films using the ultra high-end motion picture and Datacine film scanners. Film to DVD ensures high quality transferring service, especially now that it utilizes only proven methods and machines for film conversion. You could place your on-line order or you could seek for customer service assistance to meet your budget goals.

Safety Standard at All Costs

It is evident that you are worried with regards to handing over your 8mm or Super 8 Film in Pennsylvania. Nonetheless, Film to DVD ensures that it only hires professionals and experts known for their compliance with the standards of film processing. Though orders are represented by an influx, Film to DVD guarantees that your films will be handled with care.  Film to DVD makes use of an advanced tracking system so that your 8mm films will not get lost or damaged during the processing period.

The Transfer Process of Film to DVD

Unlike other companies, Film to DVD makes use of Datacine, which is a very expensive yet the latest technology in film processing. The product is an ultra high resolution film scanner that could work on 2K or 4K resolution. It is very expensive, which is why only rare companies own it. The machine is proven effective and could work on a variety of super 8, 8mm, or 16mm films.

Get the Best Customer Service With Film to DVD

Aside from the fact that you could now convert home movies to DVD in Pennsylvania easily and quickly with the help of Film to DVD, you may also take advantage of the company’s unprecedented customer service. Contact the company via phone or on-line. Get the customer service you deserve, which would fill you up with information about shipping, services, returns, and payment proper.