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Jan 30th

Why Digitize With Film to DVD?

Film to DVD Company claims itself the best film conversion company available today. It stands to its point of providing thousands of people assistance in convert film to digital in Ohio. Aside from the fact that it could convert your old film to digitized form, the quality service of the company has been proven by its 30-year presence in the industry with solid reputation. It also has its established A+ track record and 100% satisfaction guarantee, which were never criticized by its clients.

Highest Quality Conversion to Digital

If you have an old 8mm film in OH with you, you should let Film to DVD show you how it could convert your film into digitized form to stop the quality loss. Take note that the digitized form could last up to 50 years and would save much space in your home. Although Film to DVD could offer you the low quality digitization options, it introduces its Datacine machine or the highest quality and ultra high resolution film scanner. According to the company, if you would take advantage of Datacine’s service, you will not regret ordering for best quality old film conversion. Other than that, Film to DVD could stand to its point of having one of the rarest machines in film conversion. In other words, you may find it difficult to a find a company offering the same quality given by Datacine.

Transferring Old Films to Digital Containers

As mentioned, Datacine is being used by Film to DVD in order to transfer super 8 to digital in Ohio. The machine is known for its highest quality in terms of archiving everything from 8mm to 35mm films. It also scans with ultra high resolutions, which could either be 2K or 4K. Typically, it scans from a frame per second to a few frames in every second. Datacine is also a pin registered machine that makes sure that film stabilization is observed during scanning.

Maintaining the Resolution of Your Film

Most people experience failure in getting still high quality resolution films in some companies and Film to DVD wants to prevent this. Film to DVD makes sure that your super 8 movie film in OH will still have its detailed, clean, and sharp quality after conversion. Film to DVD prevents the use of real-time film transfer and frame by frame, which often results in worse condition compared to the original film.

Best of Extras from Film to DVD

If you would ask for conversion service from Film to DVD Company, you could be certain that what you will get is high quality film conversion. Besides the application of highest quality Datacine, Film to DVD has developed its means of removing the defects on the film by 80%. In other words, there would be extra restoration proper to be done for better film transferring and viewing.

Restore Your Memories With Film to DVD

With Film to DVD having its transfer 8mm film to DVD equipment in Ohio as represented by Datacine, transferring your old films to a newer storage will now be easier. Just deliver your request on-line and let the company do the restoration proper without disregarding your budget options and quality concerns.