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May 30th

Old Film Transfer With Film to DVD

Converting your 8mm movie in North Carolina could be done possibly and easily with the help of Film to DVD. Film to DVD Company claims itself as the best company offering conversion services, especially in terms of 8mm, 16mm, and super 8 movies or films. The company makes use of the best methods and machines converting old films to quality ones you could share in digitized form, particularly in DVD format.

Where to Transfer Your Old Film?

Film to DVD will give you the best answer to the question where to transfer film in NC easily and affordably. It has been in the field for years and since 1984, it has a proven track record, giving you the idea of how satisfied the customers are with its services. Though it focuses on converting old 8mm films, you could well be positive that 16 mm film processing in NC with Film to DVD has been easier like never before. You could get your film converted and delivered in the desired date without issues regarding high quality.

What Sets Film to DVD Company Apart?

Besides the obvious fact that Film to DVD is just the best in converting old films to digitized form, Film to DVD takes advantage of what is called correct and quick means of converting films. Instead of machines like real-time and frame-by-frame solutions, Film to DVD makes use of the cutting edge Datacine, which may be expensive, but the best and highest quality film converting machine. Film to DVD took time to study the best ways of converting 8mm, 16mm, and super 8 films. As a general rule of thumb, it scans films at or above the resolution of your film to get the desired output, which is not being done by other companies.

Understanding the Highest Quality Conversion of Old Films

The film conversion company would like you to understand that there may be several types of  machines for film conversion, but only a few could give you high quality output. For instance, the worst quality of film conversion could be gotten from real-time machine. It produces results that are usually VHS quality or lower. On the other hand, Film to DVD Company uses the best quality motion picture and Datacine film scanning machines. The ultimate machine is a Film Datacine machine. It will scan film at 2K or 4K resolution. We are one company of a very short list that can scan your 8mm and Super 8 film at 2K resolution.

Don’t Wait for Your Film to Lose Its Quality

Film to DVD suggests that you take advantage of its 8mm film scanner equipment in North Carolina today.  Be reminded that old films are more prone to loose its quality and be damaged forever. While they work, you should create a backup of your memories on a DVD or another digital container. Never fear for more and more people are experiencing the magical craze about film conversion.

Get Your Films Converted and Shop

The services offered by Film to DVD are now partnered with the shopping spree it offers on-line. If your question is “Where can I buy 8 mm film transfer in NC?”, then, Film to DVD will serve you well by giving tons of film service advice and can also direct you to their widely acclaimed official Film to DVD website.