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May 30th

Film to DVD: Digitizing Life Easily and Affordably

Bringing back the memories you shared with your family could now be done with Film to DVD. Film to DVD Company will make sure that your 8mm to DVD conversion in NY would be easier and much more affordable compared before. Instead of worrying about disposing your 8mm films, you should then give way to digitizing it, which would enable you to share it with your family members. Keep the memories intact and never forget technology, which would make everything possible for you.

The Difference of Film to DVD

Film to DVD is one of the top companies that could offer 8mm transfer to DVD in New York. The service is rarely found and delivered in high quality for only a few companies own cutting edge machines that could process black and white film in NY effectively. Film to DVD makes use of Datacine, which is known as the last and best quality machine that could convert old films to advanced film formats. The film scanner has a resolution of 2K to 4K. In addition to this, its high price is worth it, especially now that it could take over the task of converting both 8mm and 16mm film. It is the best platform that could give you very rare cleaned and restored digitized film.

Looking for a Variety of Film Conversion Services?

As said, Film to DVD has everything in store. If you also want to know where to scan 35mm film in NY, the company is also there to serve you. Since it makes use of the most effective film conversion process using top quality machines, there is no doubt that satisfaction guarantee would be complied.

Your Number One Choice in Film Conversion

It is very hard to find a company that could convert old films into high quality digitized videos. Only rare companies could provide such, especially now that most high quality machines are sold at a very high rate. Do you know that Datacine is available at about $150,000 or more? This simply ascertains that only selected companies, including Film to DVD, could own it. Film to DVD simply abides by all high quality standards from its equipment to processing of films.

Stay Away From Poor Filming Stuff

According to Film to DVD, it is never advisable for you to set up a modified projector or a camcorder setup in your house to enjoy your old films. You will not be happy with the results. You are only getting about 30-40% of the quality from your film. It’s like video taping a photograph in order to digitize the photo. You will get much better quality by scanning the photograph. The same applies to film. So, if you want to stay away from worst to low quality film scanning, you should let Film to DVD do the work of digitizing your films, which would enable you to view your videos in every modern platform you have, especially in DVD.

High Satisfaction Guarantee With Film to DVD

Aside from the fact that you would be able to convert 8mm to DVD in New York with Film to DVD Company, they also ensures that the services or products you could get from them are stamped with 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company’s A+ track record could attest this.