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Jan 30th

We Restore And Convert Your 8mm, Super 8, 16mm and 35mm Film to DVD!

Our Film to DVD Company is very confident in providing you with world class film conversion in CA, which you will NOT be able to obtain higher quality from other companies. Rest assured that the company has staff with decades of experience and training to handle every aspect of your 8mm films in CA. In other words, you will get the quality you desire without any hassles or issues.

Convert Your Film With Quality

Our company makes use of the best film transfer machines and tools in order to perform expert processing of various film types like 8mm film in CA. You could well be certain that the precision of images present in your film will not be damaged; especially when we have professional scanning systems to utilize. Other than that, the best film handling and best material are used to give you the best film conversion possible. Each lab technician is tasked to perform the required conversion every day with strict adherence to abidance of quality control. In other words, everything we use to convert 8mm film to DVD or Blu-Ray is maintained with high standards.

Get Conversion Based on Your Desired Budget and Convenience

You might as well acquaint yourself with the various machines we use to convert old film to digital in CA. According to Film to DVD Company expert Brad Hinkle, your options to convert film to DVD are between the Real-time, Frame by Frame, Motion Picture Film Scanner, and Datacine. The mentioned machines are responsible for providing you the average to highest quality output. The film processing prices also vary depending on the service you choose. Film to DVD Company will coordinate with you first so that there would be no issues regarding the service you need to be delivered.

Latest Technology On The Racks

As guaranteed by Film to DVD Company in California, we always give the customer exactly what they want using the latest technology and highest grade equipment. This is to ascertain the best results in converting film. As stated, the best quality machine available in the industry for film conversion in CA, is the DataCine Film Scanner. It is an ultra high resolution film scanner, having 2K and 4K resolution. The high cost of the machine defines the quality it can provide. Film to DVD Company is very proud to be one of the rare companies that do own this type of film scanner.

Your Requested Film Scheduled and Delivered in California

You could coordinate with Film to DVD Company if you need to get your project through in a rush service. Most of the time, the processing and scanning would be completed within 7-10 calendar days. For the quality, this is one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry. But, if you need it faster we have a 1-2 business day RUSH service. You may ask for customer support if you need suggestions on how your 8mm or Super 8 films would be shipped as early as possible. This is all part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

No Minimum Order Quantity With Film to DVD Company

What’s great about our policy is that you no longer have to trouble yourself looking for a large bundle of extra films to convert. The company accepts whatever quantity of 8mm film you want to convert in California. So before the life-span of your film expires (film lifespan = 50–70 years) convert 8mm to DVD by allowing us to preserve and restore your film.