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Jan 30th

Choose Format

Choose What You Want Back

You can order up to 3 different formats back from your film scan. We do that because some customers want several different formats like a set of DVDs, BluRay or editing files. Some want all three. Keep in mind that DVD and BluRay cannot generally be manipulated. So, if you don’t need to change anything order DVD or BluRay. If you do want to edit things out, re-arrange the order or just want a high resolution and low compression master then you want an editing format.

Given that HD TVs are out there now and ultra HD TVs (4K resolution) are coming you want to get an HD format back at the very least. So, we suggest a BluRay disk at a minimum. Some people you may be giving this to may only have a DVD player. For this reason you may need to get at least 1 copy of DVDs back.

The Specifics

We offer a very wide range of formats to meet everyone’s needs. But, you will be limited by the process you choose. For example, if you do the Pro SD process (scans at 480 lines) you can’t order an HD format like BluRay (1080 lines). So, the order form will limit the formats offered to you by the process you choose. This avoids the problem of ordering a format that you can’t get based on the process you chose.

SD and Pro SD Process:

We offer DVD, AVI and MOV editing files for the SD and Pro SD process.

Pro HD Process:

We offer DVD and BluRay in addition to HD-AVI and ProRes editing files.

Pro 2K Process:

We offer DVD and BluRay in addition to HD-AVI and ProRes and 2K DPX editing files.

Pro 4K Process:

We offer DVD and BluRay in addition to HD-AVI and ProRes and 2K/4K DPX editing files.

  • What are HD-AVI editing files?

    Also referred to as Motion-JPEG or MJPG codec is already considered as a good master quality format. Our HD-AVI files are compatible with PC editing tools. They will generally work with present day Mac computers as well.

  • What are ProRes editing files?

    ProRes is an Apple propriety format made for Final Cut Pro. We use the 422 HQ codec by default. If you will be editing this in iMovie or Final Cut Express call Apple first to make sure that the ProRes files will import into the version of iMovie or Final Cut Express you have.

  • What are DPX master files?

    DPX are professional movie film files. They are completely uncompressed. There is 1 DPX file per frame of film. 2K DPX take up about 1 TB of disk space per hour of film. 4K DPX take up about 2 TB of disk space per hour of film. You need a professional editor to import DPX like Premiere Pro CS 5.5 or later. Before ordering DPX contact your editor technical support to make sure you can import DPX files.