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May 30th

Learning the Different Techniques of Converting 35mm Film to DVD

Everybody loves a classic film. That’s why, it is important to make the best out of the old movies by converting it to present day digital formats like DVD or BluRay. People don’t just want their films converted into these formats; they want to still enjoy these films to its utmost quality. You may think that it is an easy process. However, choosing the best option for conversion can become complicated. Keep reading below to learn more about which film conversion process and format will work best for.

35mm Film Transfers and Preservation Process

Nowadays, people want their film to be transferred to video in DVD or BluRay format. Clients want this transfer for archiving content in a decaying film or more convenient access to movies. The process of preserving media can be sophisticated and one of the common instruments that are used is the Rank-Cintel telecine machine. Most companies use this kind of film to video conversion machine for high quality 35mm film. Because 35mm film is strictly professional, the quality of the conversion will depend on the age and resolution of the 35mm film scanning machine used. 35mm film has around 4K resolution. So, for example, even though the Rank Cintel machine was a good machine for it’s time (1980s), it only outputs video at 480 lines or standard definition resolution. This means you are only getting about 1/6th of the resolution from the 35mm film. Today, there are better machines that scan at HD, 2K and 4K resolution.

F2DVDC Way of 35mm to Film Transfer

Typically, the 35mm film was used for independent and professional Hollywood movies. Some government agencies even used this kind of film such as NASA. Film to DVD Company offers many different scanning options to suit your needs. We offer everything from our Pro SD process using a Rank Cintel to a 4K scan using a Datacine machine. This means that you can choose what resolution and restoration level you want and can afford.

Film to DVD Company can also apply color restoration, digital defect removal, grain reduction and stabilization for 35mm conversion to DVD or BluRay. You will not have to worry anymore how films are transferred to the highest quality. Converting films to DVD and other digital formats will be handled with care from F2DVDC.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If ever that you are not satisfied with the film conversion quality, Film to DVD Company is willing to assist you to correct the problem free of charge (assuming the problem can be fixed and is not a problem that exists on the film itself). Our clients are welcome to give us their comments and suggestions concerning our services. You can see other inputs from various clients in our website regarding services rendered on 35mm film scanning. You will never suffer from the flicker and poor quality and we promise to reproduce the film with the highest resolution and color. Film to DVD Company also offers shipment to your doorstep for your convenience.


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