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Jan 30th

Basics and Essentials of Converting 16mm to Film

There are several ways to convert 16mm Film to DVD or other digital formats. You can check out the various methods which can ultimately overwhelm you. Nonetheless, there are companies who are professionals in this field that can accomplish this task in its highest quality and within your budget. To guide you with our process of conversion, please take time to read this article to know more.

Easy Ways of Conversion from Film to DVD

One of the most popular methods home users and small companies use to do their 16mm film transfer is to play the movie film using a film projector while capturing the video using a camcorder. The results from this conversion may not be what you expected. This method results in many flickers and poor video quality. Also, the frame rates of the usual movie film are only 16 frames per second and the camcorder is 30 frames per second.  Because of these issues, this method of transferring your film results in poor video quality compared to the original film.  This method and similar method are also used by many low-end 16mm film conversion companies. You can always tell this method was used if either a projector or camcorder is involved in the 16mm film transfer process.

Professional Film Conversion

Professional 16mm telecine (the process of converting film into video) uses high quality motion picture film scanners and Datacine machines to capture each of the frames of film individually.  A professional telecine conversion will come out significantly better than any conversion you could do at home with a projector.  In addition, as mentioned above, many low-end 16mm film conversion companies us a projector method as well. So, do your research.

How F2DVDC Converts 16mm?

For 16mm film, Film To DVD Company only uses the highest quality professional telecine, motion picture film scanner and Datacine machines. We never use a projector or camcorder. You will choose whether the output is a DVD, BluRay or other digital files you want.

To organize your film you want to put the film in the best order you can. You can utilize the numbers or descriptions found on the boxes/reels/cans. If you have boxes sometimes you can find a “process by” date to order the film. Once you have them laid out in order you need to number them from 1 to X in the order you want them to appear.

The next thing to do is selecting the film process (Pro HD, Pro 2K, etc.). This is the most important step in the film conversion process. Selecting the film process will determine whether the film is sharp and full of detail or is soft and a little blurry. 16mm film has 2K worth of information so if you want to a format with the same detail as the film; choose the Pro 2K process. Once you selected the film processing type, the next thing to decide on is the format. Choose from DVD, BluRay or an HD editing format. You can select up to 3 different formats to meet your needs.

At Film to DVD Company, you can order online and we’ll ship the converted 16mm film to your doorstep. You will be assigned an order number for you to track your order and shipment. F2DVDC values your trust in converting 16mm videos to highest quality formats.


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